Break-fast (VI)

Snow outside and cold permeating everything. Meanwhile I dream of sun and coffee.

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Processed with VSCO with a4 preset


Go to Mars

So (probably the worst way of starting a paragraph, fear  style), I’m planning a trip that might get me fired. And how’s that for an opener? I could narrate in long and winding sentences all the abc reasons as to why. I’m trying the career thing and I might be breaking. But being somewhere where I can get lost always affords the intense perspective of how small our problems really are, instead of drowning in them.

Waves on Mars?? from Foster Huntington on Vimeo.

I have gaps in my teeth

It is a bit like the dream not achieved, and I have loads of those waving at me silently (and not so silently) from the sides of the road, so you look at it with that gaze of nostalgia in your eyes that the years give you (at times) and the sensation that some dreams are better to stay like that, discarded on the way over. I digress, again, recap: like a lot of women, when they are girls, I wanted to be blond-perfect and shiny smiled, but, I’m not blond and I have gaps in my teeth.

I wanted them corrected but I was too shy to ask my dentists about it. He always said they were fine.

I used to push them with my fingers on really bad days, putting pressure on them hoping that next day I could wake up with a nice ad smile. It was self punishing.

And then I grew up and I love my gaps. ‘Everything I bite stays with me a long time’. And now I have space for everything, for all that love and hate and food and drink. I have gaps in my teeth.

Break-fast (II)


Slow breakfast, sunny Melbourne, they had this amazing popcorn puree about which I still dream about. Who would’ve thought I would meet one of my best friends that same evening? The person with whom so many adventures were made easy and possible?

And here is to another one soon, on the other side of the planet (a trip that might get me fired but that will be another dream achieved).